Short Essay on ghorpad (Monitor lizard)

You must have heard about monitor lizards. These are the names that are given to the world old lizard. They are the family members of Varanus. They have a special look and physical feature through which you can easily recognize the lizard. They have an elongated neck and a heavy body. It is one of the primary features of the lizard. However, you can also get small lizards in the market. But they are very rare. Most of them are larger in size. Some of them are so large that they are counted among the list of largest lizards. They are also known by the name of Komodo dragon. They are three meters in length and have a weight of about 54kg.

A complete overview on monitor lizard (ghorpad – घोरपड )


It is good to know about the monitor lizard. Monitor lizards are habituated and dependent on the Aquatic life for their food. They are highly dependent on the aquatic life for their daily food. They consume various types of vertebrates and invertebrate animals. It is their main food. Sometimes, they also prefer to have fruits in their diet but that is very rare.

In case of humans, monitor lizards are very essential in the sense that they are used for the leather and medicinal values. They are also responsible for maintaining the balance of the earth. Monitor lizards are found to be robust. They have a typical physical structure that makes them unique in many ways. Their long elongated necks and a large tail make them different from the other animals. They have long forked tongues.

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This animal is found in various parts of Africa, India and parts of Sri Lanka. They also depend on terrestrial animals. Sometimes they move into the burrows or cave in search of the food.

Behavioral features of the lizard:

The monitor lizards are carnivorous in nature. They have to depend on their prey’s to have their daily food. You can also get them in dense forest or near the pond areas. The Gray’s monitor eats mollusks but they also prefer to have fruits. Komodo dragons prefer to eat birds and other animals. It depends on their food culture.

The specialty of a komodo dragon is that it can easily locate a dead body of an animal from a distance of 9.5km. They are known for knocking down big pigs and other animals including deer’s. These dragons are very powerful and strong. However, monitor lizards are known for capturing monkey’s, fish and squirrels. They prefer to have these animals in their diet.

Monitor lizards produces through sexual reproduction system. In some cases, they are capable of partehenogenesis. In the present time, venom has been discovered inside the monitor lizards. Some more research work is going on about this matter. The presence of venom has led to Toxicofera hypothesis. More information about this matter is yet to come. However, it is better to stay away from these animals. They have a different taste and food styles. They are rarely found in public places.

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