Is it Safe to Go to Gym After Covid? – Expert Opinion

Covid or Corona outbreak has get us in lot of fearful situation that we must fear doing everything and anything. The world not going to be same anymore after covid, irrespective if we have vaccinated or not. So, here we are going to discuss about should we go to Gym for exercise or not after covid break out.

Is it still safe to go Gym?

Well, after many expert’s opinion, almost all governments in world have opened Gym for everyone and in all countries. And after opening restaurants and Movie theater or multiplex, there was much more demand from people to open gym as well. But even after opening gym in almost all countries, there are any countries where no cases has been found due to gym or close environment for exercise.

gym in covid lockdown

USA put Gymnasium in Top 3 Alert level of getting infected before they opened everything or say before they vaccinated people. But there are no data to support this allegation that doing gym or going gym with people can get infected with Covid. There was just assumption that exercising together with people can get you infected.

Also, it is also noted that it’s almost impossible to wear mask when in gym as you lift weight and do intense exercise with heavy breathing.

Is there any alternative of Going Gym?

Well, there are many but it might cost you a little. Like you can go for running outside your home, or you can buy home gym like dumbbells or other weight lifting things and a bench to exercise at home. But if you are living in metro city, you will have to compromise on space thing. Also, you can buy new treadmill for your home use and get do running at home and avoid going gym.

This pandemic has cost us a lot. Its better to take caution and avoid crowded place as the covid isn’t gone anywhere yet. And if it is very very important for you to go to the gym than make sure that they are following all the safety steps and precautions as one small mistake can cost you a lot.

Vaccination is Must!

Yes, You must go to gym or any other public place only after getting vaccinated. Don’t even think to go there before you vaccinate yourself. And Don’t take off your guards. Just wear mask, follow social distancing and vaccinated as soon as possible before yo go to gym.

So, overall we come to conclusion that there is no evidence to prove that going gym will get you infected with corona virus. But, yes its very much important to follow rules and regulation to remain safe. Also, it is very much advised to go to gym only after getting vaccinated.

Just follow the rules, or you can do exercise at home, choice is yours. But we highly advise to avoid going into crowd, even if you are vaccinated because the corona virus isn’t gone yet.

Hope our Article Help you to decide more. Have a Happy Exercise. Stay Safe, Stay Fit!

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