Top 5 Home Remedies for Ranjanwadi – रांजणवाडी घरगुती उपाय

You must have heard about Ranjanwadi disease. Our eyes are the essential parts of the body. However, at a specific time, we may observe some issues in our eyes. It may happen that our eyes may develop some lumps. It may be painful. But you may also face some discomfort while seeing. This is called as Ranjanwadi. This is a common problem that is observed among most people. There may be many causes for this problem. Pollution is one of the main causes for this problem. Our air is filled with various viruses and bacteria’s. They may hamper our eyes by causing various diseases.

Best way to deal with Ranjanwadi – रांजणवाडी घरगुती उपाय


You must know the actual way to deal with Ranjanwadi. Apart from medicines and other treatments you can rely upon some home remedies to deal with the issue.

  1. Warm compress is always better for Ranjanwadi. If you tame warm compress after small intervals it can give you relief from this issue. The eye will feel much better. It will open the glands and drain the style quickly. Hence there will be chances to get immediate relief from Ranjanwadi.
  2. It is vital to maintain the eye hygiene. Stye is contagious. This can help in better spreading of the bacteria and viruses in the eye. So, regular washing is necessary. You can use medicated eye drops to keep the eye good. You must always wash your hands before touching the eyes.
  3. Sometimes OTC medications or over the counter medications can help to get rid of the pain that may take place due to Ranjanwadi.
  4. Sometimes antibiotics can help to get rid of this problem. But you can take those medicines that are prescribed by the physicians. Never take medicines without any proper advice or instructions.
  5. On the other hand steroids can also work well during the Ranjanwadi. The doctor injects the steroid in the stye to help in healing the problem and reducing the pain.
  6. Steroids are good in dealing with the issue. They work great on styes and Ranjanwadi problems. You can also use steroids in the form of cream and eye drops. They will work well to get rid of the eye problem.
  7. If the matter becomes serious you may have to take doctor’s advice and opt for the operation. Through operation the problem may be solved and you may get a permanent solution. However, you have to get it done from a proper place. It is the most essential thing.

It is always advised to take proper steps, if you observe a slight bump or lump in your eye area. It will take some days for the lump to grow and take the shape. If you start medications from the beginning the problem can be solved. The lump may also turn red within a short time. So, the best way to deal with the eye problem is to take proper actions and steps. Eye is a delicate part of our body and it needs special care and attention.

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