Hyderabad Egg Price Today – Egg Rate in Hyderabad

Looking for Egg Prices in Hyderabad today? Here at Vishwakosh, We have details of the Daily Rate of Eggs from Hyderabad. We Update you with Hyderabad Egg Price Today here for Chicken Egg Price in Hyderabad, Country Chicken Egg Price in Hyderabad, Duck Egg Rate in Hyderabad, Emu Bird Egg Rate in Hyderabad, Quail Egg Price in Hyderabad, And Turkey Egg Price in Hyderabad.

Today’s Egg Rate in Hyderabad – May 31, 2023

Below is Today’s Egg Rate in Hyderabad for Different varieties of Eggs Price per Piece, Do check out.

Egg Variety Weight Price (in Rs.)
Chicken Egg 1 Piece Rs. 4.65
Country Egg Rate 1 Piece 210
Duck Egg Price 1 Piece 160
Emu Bird Egg 1 Piece 360
Quail Egg Price 1 Piece 130
Turkey Egg Price 1 Piece 120


FAQs on Hyderabad Egg Rate Today

What is the Egg Price in Hyderabad today?

Today's Egg Price or Egg Rate in Hyderabad is Rs.3.55 per Piece.

What is Single Egg Rate in Hyderabad Today?

The One Egg in Hyderabad will cost you Rs.3.55 Today.

1 Tray of eggs price today in Hyderabad?

The 1 Tray of Eggs Price in Hyderabad is Rs.106.5 Only.

Papaak Egg Rate Today in Hyderabad

The Papak Egg Rate in Hyderabad Today is Rs.3.55 Only.

Note:- Above Rates on Vishwakosh Website are as on May 31, 2023. The Egg Rates are provided by Hyderabad Poultry Federation. Egg prices in Hyderabad may differ from shop to shop. Users are requested to check the nearest shop in Hyderabad for the latest price of Egg per Piece.

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