Komuravelli Mallanna Temple Timings 2022

Komuravelli Mallikarjuna Swamy temple is a temple which is located in the village of Komuravelli, Siddipet, Telangana. It is more commonly known as the Komuravelli Mallanna temple. The temple stands high on a hill and is dedicated to lord Mallanna or Mallikarjuna Swamy who is one of the avatars of Lord Shiva. Maharashtrians refer to the deity as “Khandoba”. It is near Hyderabad; with the total distance being 85 kilometres.

There other deities that stand with lord Mallanna in this temple are Goddess Parvati, Goddess Ganga, Golla Kethamma, and Medalamma. If you are aware of Oggu singers then you would be delighted to know that they sing lord Mallanna’s tale at this temple. Visitors offer prayers with the help of Oggu priests or pujaris. The Oggu priests also draw different designs of rangoli in the temple as well as in the verandah which is known as Patnam. Patnam is an expression of offering prayer to God. Huge cohorts of devotees visit the temple on Shivratri to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings when Pedda Patnam is celebrated. The other occasion when the temple is full of worshippers is Agni Gundaalu. The festival season at Komuravelli begins from Sankranti and ends around Ugadi. The festival season is called Jatara.

How to reach Komuravelli?

There are many ways via which you can reach Komuravelli. One of them being: flying till Hyderabad and then taking a cab or a bus to travel the next 85 kilometres.

You can also visit Komuravelli via train. The station that falls nearest to Komuravelli is Janagam. You can reach Janagam and then catch one of the direct buses available from Janagam to Komuravelli.

If you want to travel via road, then you’d be relieved to know that the village is connected to almost all the cities in the state. It is about 22 kilometres from Siddipet and almost 110 from the stations of Warangal.

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Komuravelli Mallana Swamy Temple timings

The gates open at 4 am in the morning and close around 8:30 in the evening. The temple closes after Maha Nivedana which happens at 12 noon and then opens at 3 pm. The timings of different poojas that are held at the temple are as follows:



4:00 am Oggu Prarthna
4:30 am Suprabhata sevaa
5:00 am Theerthe Binde and Rudrabhishekam
12:00 noon Maha Nivedana
7:00 pm Oggu Prarthna
7:15 pm Theerthe Binde and Rudrabhishekam
8:00 pm Nivedana

During other times, which are, from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon in the morning hours and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the evenings, the temple remains open for darshan. You can visit the temple any time to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. Don’t forget that the temple shuts around 8:30 pm.

Komuravelli Mallana Seva fees

Name of the Seva

Ticket price

Muka Mandava Patnam Rupees 60/-
Chaluka Patnam Rupees 30/-
Hair Offering Rupees 20/-
Rudrabhishekam (At Ardha Mandapam) Rupees 160/-
Kumkum Archana Rupees 50/-
Odi Biyyam Rupees 10/-
Sheegra Darshan Rupees 10/-
Athi Sheegra Darshan Rupees 60/-
Tirugudu Kode Rupees 60/-
Two-Wheeler Bike Rupees 40/-
Nija Kodenu Kattuta Rupees 5/-
Coconut Rupee 1/-
Laddu or Chakara Pongal or Daddojanamu or Pulihora or Annapuja Rupees 61/-
Najaru Patnam Rupees 40/-
Bonamu Rupees 5/-
Sri Swamy Vari Sannidhilo Abhishekham Rupees 600/-
Sri Swamy Vari Nitya Kalyanam Rupees 516/-
Harathi Rupees 10/-
Palu Pattuta Rupees 10/-
Lorry, Bus, Tempo, Jeep Pooja Rupees 100/-
Ganda Deepam Rupees 11/-
Gorre Kattuta Rupees 5/-
Aarti Rupees 5/-

Other than that, there are two major festivals that are celebrated here that would give you the real essence of the culture here. They are:

  • Annual Brahmotsavams.
  • Shivarathri.

Komuravelli Mallanna Rooms Booking

There are rooms available at the temple which you can reserve by contacting the temple. You can email them in order to seek reservations. You can find the contact details for the same in the next section. You can also find hotels nearby the temple. You can look for hotels online and book them before arriving so that it’s comfortable for you when you arrive here.

Contact Details of Komuravelli Mallanna

Mobile phone number – 08710-226201

Email for reservations – reservations@komuravelli.org

For general queries – contact@Komuravelli.org


The village of Komuravelli is famous for its temple which is devoted to the worship of Lord Komuravelli Mallanna or Komuravelli Mallikarjuna Swamy who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is located over a hill. Hundreds and thousands of devotees of Lord Shiva visit this temple to pay respects and seek his blessings. Do try to visit the temple during the major festivals mentioned in the article above.

Komuravelli Mallanna temple is located in which district?

The komuravelli mallanna temple is located in Siddipet, district, Komuravelle, Telangana.

How to Contact Komuravelli Mallanna temple?

We Did shared Contact Details with Phone number and email address, do check above.

There is also another temple nearby that devotees visit as well along with the Komuravelli temple. It’s famously known as Konda Pochamma temple. You can ask anyone for directions from this temple.

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