Impact of Water Pollution on our life – जल प्रदूषण मराठी प्रकल्प

In the present time, we are facing several types of pollution. It is making our life vulnerable day by day. Out of this, the most common and harmful pollution is the water pollution. Can you imagine, how will you feel if the water you are consuming is poisonous? It can bring evil effect on the skin. Water pollution has given birth to many other diseases. Some are known to us while others are still unknown to us. The impact of water pollution is bad. If proper actions are not taken in time, we can have something serious.

What is the effect of water pollution – जल प्रदूषण ?

जल प्रदूषण

In this part, you will know about the impact of water pollution on our life. Let us discuss some of the serious ones.

  • The water we are consuming comes from various sources. It may be from sea or from lake. Are we getting fresh water to drink? The only answer is “no”. This is because the water of the sea or the lake is getting contaminated with all sorts of contaminated products. The most harmful among them are plastics and other elements. They are so harmful that after consuming it, you may face serious health issues.
  • Various indigestion issues that we face in our body is because of drinking unhealthy and contaminated water. If water is not sterilized in the best possible manner, it can bring serious health problems to the body. It needs to be corrected. We must always give special preference in having clean and fresh water.

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  • Consumption of contaminated water can also affect the skins. It can make the skin rough and dull. You can also experience various types of rashes on the skin with the consumption of contaminated water.
  • You must have seen that in many places water contains good amount of arsenic. This is dangerous as it damage the liver of a person. It can also cause skin cancer and other types of vascular diseases. This is why you must check the water before drinking it. It is okay if you try to know the source of water. It is the source that needs to be good.
  • Excessive amount of fluorides in the water can make the teeth yellow and dull. It can also damage the spinal cord to a great extent. Fluorides are not at all good for your teeth.
  • If the water gets mixed with oils or petrochemicals it can bring cancer in your life. We can make a better and pure world with little initiatives.

पाणी प्रदूषण उपाय

We can take the steps from our end to keep the water clean and fresh as much as possible. It is good if we do not throw particles on the water. It will pollute the water that we are drinking. However, proper sterilization and purification is also required before drinking the water. You can use various machines to purify the water. We must be cautious while consuming the water. A little negligence can bring immense effect on our health.

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