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Whether you want to get quick & useful data or information related to personal, social & economical issues then what do you need the most? Fast wi-fi connection like helps you in promoting your online business, online shopping, chatting or learning any education course, etc.

Undoubtedly, the internet is the magical tool that will help you succeed in your career & business and the contribution of fast wi-fi connection is unforgettable. So, if you have a network router address & want to make wifi settings then this quick guide is for you. Here, you will get information related to wifi settings, or, how to log in, settings for forgotten IP address credentials, & settings of different router IP addresses, etc. Let’s start now!

What is Admin Login?

Amazingly, is widely used as the network router address for using the Internet. This, along with or is also known as the host addresses most commonly used at home or offices. Usually, firms set up this router admin access in the address to allow network administrators to configure their routers & networks.

Quick Steps to Login to

To access, adhere to the following steps:

1. Go to or you can type into the address bar.

2. Then enter the username & password in the designated boxes.

3. Now, you are logged in to the Admin Panel of the router.

Important Note: If you find yourself unable to access the router’s admin panel at then you can try out these different IP addresses – or

What If I Forgot Username & Password?

Unfortunately, if you have forgotten the IP address username & password then no need to worry, just follow this quick guide:

  • Check at the manual/box or back of the router.
  • After finding that, if you again forgotten or lost the login credentials then you need to perform a factory reset. For this, you can look for a small hidden RESET button on the back of your router. Now, press & hold that button for about 5-10 seconds with a needle or paper clip. Then, the router will reboot itself & will be back to default settings.
  • On the other hand, if you are behind a firewall, it’s crucial to disable it as sometimes a router won’t be able to access the internet because the firewall settings are in disagreement.
  • Make sure your router is wired or wirelessly connected to your computer or other devices. Check all of the lights on your router, including the power, Internet, WiFi, and ethernet lights. 

What Router Manufacturers Use as Their Router IP Address? 

Several router manufacturers use as a router IP address for instance – D-link, Cisco, Linksys, TP-Link, Netgear, Tenda, SMC Networks, Huawei, & Dell. This router is conveniently assigned by most manufacturers as its standardizations make it easy for laypeople to remember the address for accessing the administrative console of the router by just typing into the address bar of the browser. 

How to Change Different Router IP Address?

You may have TP-Link, D-Link, or Netgear router IP addresses, so, if you want to change the pre-assigned addresses then you can easily configure it par to your needs.

Changing the address is compulsory or recommendable in order to prevent it from fraudsters or hackers, prevent DDoS attacks, or just to add an extra layer of security.

So, check out how to do it :


  1. Starting with TP-Link, so, log in to your default admin panel at or with the username & password == admin/admin.
  2. Now, go to advanced settings > network > LAN.
  3. In the “IP Address” section, you can change it to your desired address.
  4. Finally, save it & the router will reboot to apply your desired changes.


  1. Let’s come to the router configuration setting of Netgear.

So, login to Netgear router settings page via or by adding default username == admin & password == password.

  1. Afterwards, navigate to advanced > from the left side menu and go to “setup” > LAN setup.
  2. Now, under LAN TCP/IP setup, you will see the IP address so you can change it or put as preferred.
  3. Finally, apply the changes & the system will reboot to update settings.


  1. Last but not the least, it’s time for D-Link, so, login to your router configuration page with the username == admin & password == blank.
  2. Now, go to setup > network settings.
  3. Now, you will find your router IP address field.
  4. You can change it & save settings.

Not Able to Login in

Are you using the correct IP address (i.e Please Double Check. Most people make mistakes like 192.168 l 1 (using I (alphabet instead of 1 numeric), 192.168.l.1.1 (Alphabet L with IP address), (extra 1 in IP address). Please Use only or

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